Make Me Stronger

A call to action. A cry for help. An opportunity for you to realize your power to give strength to someone affected by a blood cancer (Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma). Get involved. Make someone stronger.

This is 10



They said I probably wouldn’t be here

We thought you would be gone

I guess we were all a little wrong

This is 10     (since it all began)


Footprints and cleared canvases

Full of reflections, all the way back to Kansas

Lifelines and legacies

Am I ok if this is all that was meant to be?

Different perceptions birthed from acceptance

Letting go was the new flow


Masterpiece and dope puzzle pieces

Framed with our foundation

Always building with anticipation

Couldn’t help but feel the regression


Wait… Incompletion may actually be the completion???


Wow.  Unexpected realization

Always learning something new

Sometimes it was you who would give the cue


Sunsetting and new beginnings

Once again changed perception

Continuous adaption, pivot like a champion

Slippery slopes while discovering new hopes


Tick, Tick Boom to #boom loving

We never stood alone


The week we met

We thought that would be as bad as it gets

Little did we know

What life had in store


Friends who are family

There are no words

You stood by us (and still do)

We can’t thank you enough 

Family over everything

Amazing. Priceless. Blessed.


Hopeless laughter and laughing hopelessly

No matter what may be

Prepared for the worst

Hoping for the best

That’s how we roll

Us and our crew

Remember what Jay said about the same hue (as you)


Finding strength in each other

Big ups to my tribe, they Make Me Stronger


Heartbreaks and heartfelt

Letting go was still the flow

Tough losses but we tried not to feel the blow


New loves brought us to great heights

Now we hang on with all our might

Dancing in the rain

Mastering how to numb the pain

Waiting to exhale

Donuts on the carousel


Unwanted resident to accepted guest

Coexistence despite both our persistence

An unexpected relationship

Starting off as foes

Becoming acquaintances and now much more 

Savoring that we’re still here

Milestones and party crashers

Memories to last a lifetime


Grateful for meaningful connections

Hopeful to have made a difference

Moments of elation to a change in vibration

Something that stopped the nation

I can’t breathe


Close calls to great escapes

Heartbeats to flat lines

Still beats we had a few

Not sure how we got through

Recovery was quite a feat

And here we are, still dancing in these streets


Celebrations and isolations 

Disappointments to pleasant surprises

Making the most of every moment


They said I probably wouldn’t be here

We thought you might be gone

I guess we were all a little wrong

This is 10     (since it all began)


Infiltrated but resilient

Realistic yet hopeful

Acceptance, truly and fully

But still got some fight you see

In tune spiritually with a little thug in me


It is written

…and we write it   (so the story goes)


They said I probably wouldn’t be here

We thought you might be gone

I guess we were all a little wrong

This is 10    (since it all began)

In the sun, together we stand



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2 comments on “This is 10

  1. Nisha
    May 26, 2021

    In all of the 10 years, you achieved more than most of us could. You continued to lead efforts in giving back to communities and groups that needed it. You are a movement, an inspiration, a future. This is 10. Love you. #Boom. 💪🏽

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