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Dedicated to anyone who believes in the power of headphones


The sound is back, louder than before.

I felt it creeping in, I knew in my heart it was coming but didn’t expect it to be so loud.

The ticks sound like a countdown, one I can’t ignore, and yet have no idea what the timers on. I feel myself on edge, unsure of when the BOOM will come or if I’ll escape it. Not #BOOM, but the other kind…


This isn’t their first appearance. I’ve heard them before but managed to find other sounds more pleasing to my ears and soul to focus on. I had drowned out the TICKs in the past with melodies and beats of gratitude, faith, hope and laughter. Gratitude for what I do have and what isn’t. Faith that things are exactly how they are supposed to be, “it is written“. Hope for something achievable that will put a smile on my loved ones faces. Laughter always.

Countless blessings accompanied with countless examples that things could be worse. Being conscious of who is around me and what’s going on in this world serve as good reminders of how blessed we are. The bass guitar. It’s there, you just have to be in tune to it.

So here I am, with my family and friends, along with an endless playlist of dope music – nourishment for my mind and soul.

All serving as my headphones. My precious headphones that help me drown out any unwelcomed sounds.

We had found a way to coexist and that’s the most I could ask.

tick, tick, tick…

Unfortunately, just like that, something happens and everything I have in place, naturally and consciously, is muted. The TICK is back.

My headphones have been stripped away and the tick seems louder than the last time.


I’m searching for my headphones everywhere.

Searching and wondering… is the tick louder because it’s closer? Do others hear it? If I laugh and make jokes, will they still hear it? Will my headphones be sufficient when I find them and put them back on?

I’m still searching for them. It feels like hours, but it’s only been a few minutes…

I catch a glimpse of myself in the elevator mirror and do a double take. My precious headphones, they’re still on my head!

Something did try to strip me of them, but I guess I was prepared. My headphones aren’t wireless and I am always holding the wires tightly. You see, they sit on my head naturally but making sure I’m plugged in, well that happens consciously.

I didn’t realize it right away because the music was much softer, barely audible. I guess the ticks are louder. #$@*%&!

Can I turn my volume up?

Sigh. Honestly…I don’t know. I thought I had the volume at its max!

But that sound, TICK, TICK, TICK…is suffocating in so many ways, having me on edge. If it’s this loud for me, it’s only a matter of time before others are deafened by it.

We have to find a way to coexist again.

I’m forced to take another look within. Inside my heart where the fear is less because I know my soul is eternal and this life is written. That is where my love, beliefs and priorities shine because they aren’t clouded with self, only others. I realize I can go up a few more decibels. I got beats by Dre.

Up the gratitude, faith, hope and laughter and continue listening to the dope endless playlist with family and friends…

tick, tick, tick, with loud beats of #BOOM… the good kind.

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