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Happy Days

Happy days

Dedicated to those in need of Happy Days. Hoping yours feels as good as mine.    


You know, the kind that fill your heart with joy while it pumps happiness through your veins, sparking a chain reaction as it spreads through your body. And on those real special days you can feel it all the way in your fingertips.

Its warm, like lava flowing through you, yet your skin feels cool.

Cool like a summer drive with the windows down, listening to your favorite song.

That funk, that sweet, that gushi stuff Jay be talking about.

Leaving you feeling like a contagious burst of sunshine as it continues its journey and spreads to anyone in your vicinity.

Happy Days

Some you may hardly remember, but others will stay with you for a lifetime. And when you think back to them, hopefully that feeling comes rushing back. Like an old friend you haven’t seen in years, but when you do, you pick up right where you left off cause the feelings are etched in you.

Often these days are the ones that go “perfectly”. Where things are what you hoped for or better.

Sometimes these days are the ones full of pleasant surprises or simple pleasures.

Sometimes these days are when the ones you love are having Happy Days.

And other times, these days are ones of omission. Yes, straight absence. You know, the kind where something didn’t happen. Where things don’t go as bad as they could have… or they do, but end in a better place.

All of these filling our heart with a sensation that wasn’t there in the moments before. Leaving us floating as it spreads through our body, lightening the weight on our heart.

You see, Happy Days are often about perspective. And the great part about that is we can adjust ours.

For me….

Happy days are full of music. The kind that touches your heart or moves your soul.

Happy days are making someone smile – someone making me smile.

Happy days are laughing uncontrollably with someone about things that are anything but funny.

Happy days are the who and what in my life. (You know who you are!)

Happy days are my nephew dropping dimes on me. “Fia, something hit Uranus and knocked it over, that’s why it has a tilt.” Umm what!!??!

Happy days are knowing my brother is on the other end of the phone.

Happy days are waking up after you don’t remember passing out.

Happy days are feeling you are not alone, even when physically you are.

Happy days are real tough days full of good vibes – my tribe, my vibe.

Happy days are the ones where you get to go home.

Happy days are getting the chance to try again tomorrow, if you want to.

You see, Happy Days is anything that makes your heart shine, filling your body with a warmth of love and gratitude.

It’s all about perspective and this week, this is mine.

Happy Days.

I hope you find yours. You deserve it.


Happy days



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One comment on “Happy Days

  1. martinsunny
    May 8, 2020

    Love ❤️🙏🏾 #HappyDays

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