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Silver Linings

Silver lining II

Dedicated to my silver linings, those looking for theirs and those wanting to be it for others. Find it, Be it.


Those who find the silver lining

Are flying high

Silver Linings.

They are out there, waiting to be uncovered. Discover them, create them or be them. It’s up to us…

When I think about my Masterpiece and the puzzle pieces I collected along the way, I can’t help but wonder how different mine would look if my frame and foundation wasn’t what it was.

My family created the outline for my masterpiece from the moment we met. A foundation of love, values, perspectives, and priceless, timeless lessons that I will always carry with me.

My mom not only showed us the love that embodies a mother, but she taught us how to be that way with everyone in our life. She instilled in us what it meant to give yourself for something or someone other than you, silently and effortlessly.

My dad taught me to believe in myself and reminded me I could do anything I set my mind to. He imparted on me to speak my mind and gave me the skills to problem solve as second nature. Watching him, I learned how to deconstruct just about anything with my mind. Mentally taking things or situations apart, so you can see the individual pieces and factors for what they are, understanding their specific strengths/weaknesses, how they integrate with each other and learning from them and how to help them, individually.

Combine this with the love, values and beliefs and the outline of my Masterpiece was etched, the tone set.

They then gave me the best puzzle piece for me to help look after, one that would be partner in crime and guide me through… my brother. From the first moment I set my eyes on him, he quietly taught me how to love and care for something other than myself at the tender age of 3. How to want the best for someone else before I learned to want that for myself. It was natural, like we had done this for lifetimes.

My frame and foundation were now complete. Guiding me every step of the way as I started building my Masterpiece and figured out what kind of puzzle piece I wanted to be. I can’t imagine where I would be without the three of them. They helped me realize early on that the one thing more important than the masterpiece I’m building is the puzzle piece I am for others.

One eye on my masterpiece, one eye on the puzzle piece I hoped to be.

Our masterpiece is a reflection of who we were, who we are and who we want to be. The puzzle piece we are, is our legacy.

As I continued my journey, I met all types of puzzle pieces. Some great ones, some wack ones, some forever ones and some passing ones. Many are still with me today, and some have fallen. All with a purpose, crucial to where I have been and where I was going, each with special place in my masterpiece. I was blessed to find so many pieces that were perfect for me in every way. The right color, the right shade, fusing with pieces in its vicinity. A seamless flow.

Along the way, I learned one my most important life lessons… to try to leave things better than you found them. It started forming from my foundation. Always leave things better than you found them. Not sure if I’ve always done that, actually I’m sure I failed several times, but I know tried and I hope I got better at it with time.

Looking back at my Masterpiece, I see my puzzle pieces and how they come together. Some fully surrounded with other key pieces and others surrounded by openings that may or may not ever be filled. But in its entirety, I catch permanent glimpses of all the silver linings throughout my life, from distant years to as recent as today, individually, and collectively, leaving me feeling grateful and blessed.

Silver Linings.

Silver linings can be things we discover as we allow ourselves a unique perspective. A perspective typically full of gratitude for what is and sometimes what is not. Taking flight from the love, values and priceless, timeless lessons making up our foundation.

Silver linings can also be the puzzle pieces in your masterpiece. Whether they are wanting the best for you, never leaving your side, laughing with you (or at you!) at things that are not funny or dancing with you in the rain.

Some of these are your silver linings on the best of days, cheering you on or the best to celebrate with. Feeling your best day as if it were their own or happier for you than they are for themselves.

Others are the silver linings on the toughest of days, the ones who are there when you need it the most. There when it felt like things are falling apart, there to help you try to put it back together or simply there to make sure you’re not alone, whatever you need.

And then there are the G’s – the ones who are your silver lining no matter the situation! Good or bad, they can always be found, making the good times better and the tough times more tolerable.

They are all my treasured puzzle pieces and they know who they are. They add a highlight to my masterpiece as it glows from within with love, laughter and the best of memories. A highlight you can touch and feel. One that reminds you, you are not alone, even when if you physically may be.

My masterpiece, from frame and foundation to puzzle pieces and silver linings, these are my blessings on blessing.

I hope you are as lucky as me to have all of this and more, always, but especially in the moments that matter the most. The ones where you need the hope or comfort of a Silver Lining or two.

As each of us live our lives, we will hopefully not only have all of this, but we would have learned to be this for others, especially when they need it the most. Be part of their Silver Lining, or help them find it – that is one of the purposes of a puzzle piece.

Oh.. come a little closer, I’ll tell you a secret (on the slight chance you don’t already know)… Silver Linings are similar to our fears and worries… the more you focus on them the bigger they seem! Fill yourself and others with gratitude or hope, so we can all fly together.

Come rain or shine

Those who find the silver lining

Are flying high

See you in the sky


Silver lining II


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7 comments on “Silver Linings

  1. Connie @ Fred Tucker
    May 31, 2020

    You are such a beautiful person and you are always in my prayers.
    We loved you from the day we met you.

  2. martinsunny
    May 18, 2020

    Love. Love. Love. My sister is one of those important pieces of the puzzle like brother is for you. Thanks for sharing another Masterpiece 🙂

    • asuneet
      May 19, 2020


      Love you. You’re a masterpiece of amazing puzzle pieces all in your own. I know, because you’ve kept this often broken puzzle here feeling whole.

      Love you.


  3. martinsunny
    May 18, 2020

    Love, love, love. My sister is one of those pieces for me like your brother is for you And it’s such an important piece 🙂

  4. Nilesh
    May 18, 2020

    Beautiful masterpiece! Well written and lot to learn from this.

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