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A call to action. A cry for help. An opportunity for you to realize your power to give strength to someone affected by a blood cancer (Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma). Get involved. Make someone stronger.

In Loving Memory of Ravi Luckoor

We regret to share that two years after Ravi Uncle’s diagnosis and a few months after his 60th birthday, he has left us. We send our deepest condolences to the Luckoor family.

Throughout his journey, Ravi uncle displayed amazing courage with the love and unbelievable support of his family.

He was diagnosed with a rare preleukemia known as myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) in May 2011. His disease progressed quicker than doctors anticipated and the preleukemia had become acute myeloid leukemia (AML) within 18 months of his initial diagnosis. Since then, uncle has been on chemo and in and out of the hospital. You may recall his message that he shared with all of us, Ravi, Chemo on Xmas.

When uncle was diagnosed, the Luckoor family started the Match Ravi team in honor of uncle, with the hope of finding him and other patients a bone marrow match. The Match Ravi team is led by his sons, Pavan and Arun, who were determined to help their dad and others like him. Uncle volunteered at his own drives, sharing facts and dispelling myths, all with a smile on his face that would warm your heart. He inspired friends and strangers to join the Match Ravi team in their mission. The Match Ravi team has registered over 2,500 donors in the past two years. Their conversion rate of registered donors at events has far exceeded any other volunteer efforts we have experienced. This shows the strength and determination of the Luckoor family to help those in need of a match. They have set the bar high and give hope to the rest of us.

We were introduced to the Luckoor family in October 2012 when we met Ravi Uncle’s eldest son, Pavan, at a SAMAR event. We were instantly connected as we shared a common thread of motivation to create awareness around a cause that affected us so personally. The Match Ravi team, specifically Pavan and Arun, embraced us as they did other groups and families that were in a similar predicament. Our unfortunate circumstances brought us together, but knowing Ravi Uncle and the Luckoor family is part of our silver lining.

Shobha Auntie, Pavan and Arun, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Today, we bow our heads for a moment of silence as we remember and honor Ravi Uncle, a loving husband and amazing father.

Uncle, you have touched so many lives, one’s that you don’t even realize. You are an inspiration to us all and will be missed.

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