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Our Recovery from Aplastic Anemia

I was graciously invited to  write our story about my wife and her diagnoses and ongoing recovery from Aplastic Anemia.  I want everyone to know that sometimes solutions present themselves in a less-than-conventional manner.  Be skeptical, but at least listen.
Our story begins like this; In 2009 my wife, Sheri, was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, a disease where the bone marrow is sick and cannot produce enough healthy red and white blood cells, or platelets.  We weren’t too concerned at first, the doctors said that Sheri’s blood and platelets were at a high enough level that there was no danger.  Routine blood tests showed a gradual decline though, primarily in her platelets. After a year and a half or so we started seeing the numbers dropping faster.  We were assured by the doctors that there was nothing they could do, no one knows what causes it, or really how to treat it until it is life threatening.  We were informed that when she got low enough, they would possibly remove the spleen, start blood transfusions, and look for a bone marrow donor for a transplant.  With her having a rare blood type and no siblings, we didn’t like the sound of that.  We felt like God gave us a spleen for a reason, blood transfusion don’t seem to be doing much for anybody except buying time, and the immune suppression therapies I read about seemed torturous.   Her platelet counts dropped through the 60’s and into the 50’s (the safe range minimum is 140).  My parents finally convinced me to call a Naturopath Physician/Veterinarian on his radio show, I was reluctant but with nothing to lose I relented.  To my surprise I got through.
When I told him about the Aplastic Anemia, he immediately told me that it was not an auto-immune as was the conventional belief, but rather it was a vitamin B-12 and folic acid deficiency almost always stemming from digestion issues.  He told us how to treat it using nothing more than his formula of minerals and vitamins, and some natural (not herbal) aids to help the digestion.  After the call, I was pretty confident this guy was a quack…if the answer was that easy we would have been told long before now, right?  With nothing to lose we took a leap of (my parent’s) faith and gave it a shot.  My dad looked it up in this doctor’s book, it said that it would take around 120 days to see changes due to the length of time it takes the body to produce blood and platelet cells.
Just as predicted, after 4 months her counts went up for the first time in three years.  This was no fluke it turned out, her counts have been on a steady rise since.  Her last blood test, taken in late August (we found a pharmacy that would draw blood for a fraction of what the doctor charged) showed her platelet count up to 98!!  The absolute neutrophils are in the safe range for the first time in 4 years!  White and red blood counts are up!  She feels better, she has better color, and is living a very normal life, no transfusions, no bone marrow transplant, and NO MORE DOCTORS for over a year.  I’ve left out a lot of detail, there’s so much to tell.
To say Doctor Wallach or ‘Doc’ as we affectionately call him is controversial would be an understatement.  But he has a huge story, and after much investigation is what I would consider one of the most brilliant minds I can think of. He has years of legitimate research behind him, and he lives to spread that knowledge.  I have heard story after story of Doc helping people get stronger, healthier and take back their health.   He showed us how to fix what the doctors couldn’t. My eyes have been opened to a world of medicine that is more natural, more effective, and achieves far better results in many chronic illnesses than I possibly could have imagined.  A medicine that has no side effects, because the substances used are natural to the body.  I’m not talking about ‘natural’ herbs, although they have their place.  I’m talking about rebuilding the body with the fundamental building materials that the body is comprised of in the first place. These fundamental building blocks are what it takes to build a baby from two small cells, to heal broken bones and cuts.  Why not use them to make the body make itself stronger, to heal what is wrong.
Doc is on a crusade to help people heal.  While he feels that conventional medicine has it’s use, he feels that conventional western medicine doctors often lack the knowledge to treat chronic health issues appropriately.  I mean no disrespect to doctors, no single person can be the keeper of all knowledge.  While Doc makes no promises when it comes to cancers, he has certainly helped a lot of people.  His information and crusade has been an inspiration to me, and if I can help someone else with it, I will take every opportunity to do so.  If anyone would like information, please get a hold of me, my e-mail is

3 comments on “Our Recovery from Aplastic Anemia

  1. Kathy S
    November 15, 2013

    My husband diagnosed with MDS June 2013. He started on Vidaza, but I truly feel that it was just an extension of prolonging the inevitable BMT. After much research on line, I started him on a excellent grade of nutritional supplements, green organic juicing and fresh fruits (papaya, mangos, pineapple etc.) 2 months after being diagnosed he went into total remission. He will be going in on Dec 4 for his second bone marrow biopsy to see where his blast are at. Of course the doctors feel it is the Vidaza (since I did not tell them about out home regiment) but I believe prayers and faith also have a lot to do with it. Hoping that he continues as your wife has on the healthy road.

    • Travis Julius
      November 16, 2013

      Congratulations on the remission, and whatever you do DON’T stop the nutrition. Do everything you can to get your ORAC score (antioxidants) above 100,000 per day. And prayers are always essential.
      Wishing you and your husband great health.

    • youcanmakemestronger
      November 21, 2013

      So glad he’s in remission! Hopefully next biopsy shows he’s still in remission. I very much believe in diet changes, energy healing, juicing and any alternative meds. I take papaya leaf extract pills for my platelets and detox not only with diet but also by doing steam/sauna. In case he’s interested in trying either of these. Good luck!

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